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HOLOEYE Photonics AG is providing products and services in the fields of diffractive optics (DOE), active spatial light modulation (SLM) and LCOS microdisplay components.

Diffractive Optics
HOLOEYE commercializes Diffractive Optical Elements (DOEs) specifically for the fields of technical optics and lasers. HOLOEYE offers customized design, fabrication and replication of Diffractive Optical Elements. HOLOEYE has got capabilities for designing DOEs for projecting patterns on inclined surfaces and with arbitrary angles of diffraction. This allows to precisely place diffraction spots at arbitrary positions on a surface of interest and to thereby realize complex patterns. Additionally HOLOEYE provides a broad range of standard Diffractive Optical Elements with various patterns like dot arrays, dot-circles, circles, multi-lines and cross patterns.

Spatial Light Modulators
HOLOEYE’s offers the greatest variety of Spatial Light Modulators (SLM) for phase and amplitude modulation. These SLM devices are based on translucent or reflective liquid crystal microdisplays. The optical function or information to be displayed can be taken directly from the optic design software or an image source and can be transferred by a computer interface. Additionally HOLOEYE offers the OptiXplorer, an education kit based on the translucent LC 2002 Spatial Light Modulator. This kit contains a variety of experiments for laboratory courses in optical physics.

LCOS Microdisplay Components
HOLOEYE offers a great variety of microdisplay types and products: Different display types (translucent, reflective / amplitude, phase), different display modes (twisted nematic; vertically aligned nematic), high resolutions up to 1920x1080 pixel, frame rates up to 180 Hz, panel sizes from 0.177” to 1,8” and high contrast up to 2500:1. Additionally HOLOEYE offers complete optical design services and implementation aid.