Our GBA Master Series® software offers highly-developed applications and tools designed to organize, centralize, and manage data for your infrastructure, facility, fleet, and equipment assets; personnel and material resources; customer service efforts; and maintenance activities. The software stores inventory and condition data, utilizes that data to help prioritize and schedule needed maintenance, tracks resulting work tasks and resource utilization, and determines associated costs. Combining this information with GIS allows you to begin to recognize the advantages of thinking and working geographically.

GBA Master Series® commercial off-the-shelf software products provide these integrated solutions:

Maintenance Management
* Customer Service Requests
* Work Orders
* Preventive Maintenance Schedules
* Activity Planning and Budget Tracking
* Parts Warehousing and Inventory Management

Asset Management
* Wastewater
* Stormwater
* Water
* Facilities and Equipment
* Fleet
* Transportation and Traffic
* Parks and Trees
* Solid Waste

GIS Integration
* Data Visualization
* Spatial Analysis
* Map Editing
* Network Tracing

GBA Master Series products provide these general features and functions:
* Configurable out-the-box data models
* Customizable user interfaces
* Real-time “dashboard” and map views of key system information
* User-friendly filtering/querying of system data
* Customizable report templates, with ad-hoc reporting capabilities
* Linking of electronic images, movies, and documents
* Interfaces with CCTV, SCADA, CIS, and other systems